Sororities and the College-Aged Woman

The following recruitment video from the University of Alabama chapter of Alpha Phi has received quite the backlash. Criticism of the video led Alpha Phi to remove all social media accounts. I couldn’t help but think of the local Alpha Phi women, at the University of Missouri. This week is recruitment at Mizzou and there are over 1800 women trying to decide if they want to join a house, and if so, which one? Alpha Phi, in addition to introducing themselves to these women, have to combat the fact that the country thinks ‘they’ are vapid and banal.

And then there’s this very similar video from Delta Gamma. “Get Hooked” is their suggestion. Nope. I’d swim far, far away.

And finally here’s one from Chi Omega at the University of Nebraska. “To be womanly always and discouraged never” is a much better aspiration than getting hooked or blowing glitter in the wind. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the latter.

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