Photo(s) of the Week, 12 January 2014

Yeah. That polar vortex that descended upon the midwest this past week… well, I was not a fan. I wasn’t a fan when it delayed my journey back to Missouri, from Ohio, by a day. I really wasn’t a fan when I started traveling (finally!) on Tuesday, only to get stopped in my tracks on I-74. And stopped again in my tracks on I-70. I continued my great dislike when the semi in front of me started sliding on black ice. And when I started sliding behind him, I just wanted to avoid smashing into the semi to my left and to find a hotel where I could spend yet another night away from my own bed. The next day, I found the roads in Illinois confounding. One minute they were perfectly clear. The next minute they were slick with ice. And then they became an odd washboard of ice and pavement, all the while leading past the carnage of torn, mangled, and wrecked vehicles. I cannot pick one photo of said vortex-influenced weather. I’m just so glad I made it home… finally.

P1020401 P1020406 P1020410

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