Photo of the Week, 16 June 2013

One of my favorite songs is “Which Side Are You On” by Florence Reece. I think that much of our lives is about deciding and acting upon those ‘sides’ we find ourselves. This past week, I traveled historic Route 80 in Alabama, the site of the Selma to Montgomery marches of 1965. At the Lowndes County Interpretive Center, you will see the shoes and hat that Lucille Times wore the entire 54 miles. I imagine that she wore her best clothes, in honor of this most important cause– securing equal rights for all blacks in America. I look at these shoes and imagine how uncomfortable they must have been. I look at the cracks in the bed of the shoes and imagine her soldiering on because it was simply impossible for her to do anything else. I know, firmly, which side she was on and I hope I would’ve been right there with her, had I been alive at the time.


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Teacher, scholar, student, wonderer, wanderer, fan, foe, friend, acquaintance, all of these and more, but ultimately just an Ohio daughter.
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