Photo of the Week, 12 May 2013

Today, my sabbatical began. Well, I guess, technically it didn’t because my sabbatical is for the fall semester making today the first day of summer break. Does it really matter? To me, no. Perhaps to you it does… whoever ‘you’ are. 🙂 I came downstairs after pulling myself away from the wonderful “The Orchardist,” and saw this rose. For a hundred years at Columbia College, students have been participating in the graduation tradition known as Ivy Chain. At this beautiful ceremony, students can give a rose to those people who have helped them succeed at the College. Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving one from Presidential Award winner Kaitlyn Cavanah, a 4.0 graduate in Accounting. What a force of nature she is and what a pleasure it has been to know her over the last four years.


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Teacher, scholar, student, wonderer, wanderer, fan, foe, friend, acquaintance, all of these and more, but ultimately just an Ohio daughter.
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