National Photo Month, 5/12/12 edition

Lewis Hine is one of my favorite photographers. Before I knew who he was and the impact he made, his stark, hauntingly striking photographs held such power for me. I instantly wondered about the stories before and after the ‘life’ of the photo. A collection of his works, published earlier this year, will hopefully allow more people to learn about Hine and his influential work.

Whether it be a painting or photograph, the picture is a symbol that brings one immediately into close touch with reality. In fact, it is often more effective than the reality would have been, because, in the picture, the non-essential and conflicting interests have been eliminated. The average person believes implicitly that the photograph cannot falsify. Of course, you and I know that this unbounded faith in the integrity of the photograph is often rudely shaken, for, while photographs may not lie, liars may photograph.” — Lewis Hine

Figure 1: Title: Laura Petty, a 6 year old berry picker on Jenkins Farm. “I’m just beginnin’. Licked two boxes yesterday.” Gets 2 [cents] a box. Rock Creek, Md.
Date: 06/07/1909

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