Movies You Missed but Shouldn’t

My good friend Dr. Mark Cunningham is returning to a practice he had for quite a while– watching a film a day.  Although I’m doubtful I can do the same, I’m much more certain that I can recommend a great film every week.  Today, begins my efforts.  These won’t be Oscar winners, necessarily, because award-winning films aren’t always the best film of the year (which is a post for another day).  Nor are they films that people have necessarily ignored.  Revenues for award-winning films often increase in the award season.  Instead, these are the films I try to suggest when friends, colleagues, and students ask for movies to see over the weekend.  Sometimes they’re the films I ‘push’ onto people with the ubiquitous line “You should see this!”  Sometimes it ends well (Memento).  Sometimes it ends horribly (Requiem for a Dream).  And sometimes folks non-verbally tell you , “I’m good.  I don’t need your suggestions (30 for 30).”

A movie that you probably missed but shouldn’t is He Got Game.  Written and directed by Spike Lee, He Got Game, is a wonderfully astute and heartfelt look at the father-son relationship which plays out (no pun intended) on the basketball court.  With a reliably good performance by Denzel Washington as Jake Shuttlesworth, He Got Game really soars because of the sublime work of NBA All-Star and Olympian Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttleworth.  The wonder of this film occurs most beautifully as the all-American music of Aaron Copland builds and soars and lifts and falls and rests… Watching the film you understand why Lee said, “When I listen to Aaron Copland’s music, I hear America, and basketball is America.”

Don’t miss He Got Game.

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