Rick Perry vs. Parody

The social media sphere is full of shared videos, photos, links, and blog posts. I do it– I share my favorite stories with my genuine and facebook-qualifying ‘friends.’ So when someone first posted Rick Perry’s “Strong” ad I didn’t pay attention to it. If the current governor couldn’t remember what three agencies he would eliminate as President, let alone not knowing how many Justices serve on the Supreme Court, I was pretty confident that I didn’t care what he had to say in an ad airing in Iowa. I finally decided to watch it after I started seeing it as the subject of news reporting, not just social reporting.

I watched. I watched Rick Perry in his Ennis Del Mar jacket. I listened to background music that was highly evocative of gay, blacklisted, Jewish-American composer Aaron Copland. I tried to figure out when President Obama supposedly declared ‘war on religion.’ Was it before or after opponents tried to say that Presidential candidate Obama was a resolute follower of his Christian pastor Jeremiah Wright? And this war on religion and God… is this the same God that supposedly called Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and Herman Cain to run for President? Maybe Obama’s just trying to declare war on the bad cell reception that gave all three candidates the same message.

Mr. Perry, you do realize you’re not going to be President right?

For the record, I like this one better.

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