Photo of the Week, 18 September 2011

Now granted, it isn’t a photograph, but it’s certainly the image of the moment. This past Thursday, Columbia College’s President, Dr. Gerald Brouder, gave his biennial State of the College Address where a new logo and ‘brand‘ for the College was launched. Many in the crowd cheered. Many did not. I’ve talked with so many current and former students, staff and community members that long for the former logo of the College, seen above.

The logo prominently features Rogers Gate, the formal entrance to the College. Named after Joseph Kirtley Rogers, President of Columbia College from 1858 to 1877, the Gate signifies the decision by Rogers to keep the College open during the Civil War. According to the College’s website, “The trees are evergreen, universal and ancient symbols of knowledge. The triangle is a delta, the Greek letter for change, which Columbia College has done successfully to survive and prosper during its long history.”

The distress some in the Columbia College community feel has spilled over onto an online petition at

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