Turn OFF the Phones!!

I used to love going to the movies.  I realize that, in large measure, part of my disdain for going nowadays is because of the increasing rudeness of fellow patrons. The people I sat next to during Avatar brought lunches/dinners with them and during the first hour I had to listen to plastic grocery bags open and close. At Hollywood 10 in Columbia, Missouri patrons are notorious for arriving well after the film has started and putting their feet up on the seats in front of them. If I wanted to see your toes wiggling through your flip-flops, I would’ve asked to have seen them before Inception began. Finally, the main reason I hate going to the movies currently is because of the reckless way patrons use their cell phones during the film. Oh the phones are on silent (sometimes!), but for some reason the phone’s owner needs to know the time and doesn’t wear a watch, so there goes that 4 inch rectangle of neon light. Or because of the vibrate function, someone ‘feels’ a text message that s/he just has to reply to. Unlike most of my fellow film-goers, I actually care about the movie going experience. When you’re seated in pitch-black theater, random pockets of bright light have a huge effect on my ability to enjoy the film I’ve paid to screen.

God Bless the Alamo Drafthouse of Austin, Texas. When can you open up a Columbia, Missouri location?

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