Paul Newman January 26, 1925- September 26, 2008

I adored this man.  I cannot begin to put into words the numbness I’ve felt after finding out Saturday morning he was gone.  I thought of his wife Joanne Woodward.  When I joined Chi Omega I was tickled at the thought that Joanne was one of my sisters.  I thought of Robert Redford.  The two of them epitomize collaboration and friendship.  But I kept thinking of Paul– an Ohioan, like myself, who lived life, recognized the privileges of his life,  and  who strived to make a difference in the lives of others.

Good night, sweet prince/ And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


About Amy L. Darnell

Teacher, scholar, student, wonderer, wanderer, fan, foe, friend, acquaintance, all of these and more, but ultimately just an Ohio daughter.
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