Performance Artist Terry Galloway

Acclaimed Performance Artist to Perform at Columbia College

Renowned performance artist Terry Galloway will perform her award-winning one-woman show Out All Night and Lost My Shoes at Columbia College’s Launer Auditorium Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 7 p.m. Free to the public, this performance will also feature a discussion afterwards by Dr. Donna Marie Nudd of Florida State University. Galloway and Nudd are founders of The Mickee Faust Club performance troupe and theatre in Tallahassee, Florida.

What’s the proper etiquette of suicide? Is S & M ventriloquism an effective therapy for schizophrenics? Should drag be considered an act of self-defense? Will true love find a happy ending at the Lion’s Camp for Crippled Children? And what’s so natural about the Museum of Natural History? All of these questions and more abound in this seminal piece of disability performance.

Not quite blind as a bat, but definitely deaf as a doornail, Terry Galloway is the modern medical accident who’s asking these and other tough question in Out All Night and Lost My Shoes. It’s one of hour of pure, energetic theater that mixes poetry, storytelling, stand- up, New Vaudeville and plain old corny vaudeville in a charged, moving celebration of life – hers and that of all oddballs.

What others say about Out All Night and Lost My Shoes:

“She’s deaf. She’s queer. She’s a woman. And from the minute she begins the audience’s safe, dark anonymity is threatened.” Chicago Outlines.

“A hoot and a provocateur from the get-go – Galloway blends physical humor, wry intelligence and a heartfelt mortification at human suffering. “ L.A. Weekly

“. . . .warm, funny and just a little scary like eating snails or having oral sex for the first time.” London’s Time Out

“Side splittingly funny and shocking, she never failed to connect.” LA Times

“She drew us into a bond that proved unbreakable.” ArtForum

“. . .making wild sport of her own disabilities in defense of the defenseless, her main theme, eloquently pursued, is the use of art in hanging tough against life’s adversities.” London Times.

“Tough humor in the face of frightening subjects. . . bizarrely funny.” San Francisco Examiner.

“Fiercely intelligent and brimful of ideas for shaking an audience out of its gosh-aren’t-we-enlightened complacency and onto that uncomfortable narrow ledge where we’re not sure whether we should be laughing or crying. A remarkable performance by a remarkable woman. ” London’s Time Out

“As the lady says when we laughed: ‘sometimes it’s too damn late to do anything else.’ Great stuff!” London Times

For more information about Terry Galloway and The Mickee Faust Club, visit their website at


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