Green is Universal

What’s your carbon footprint?  When I checked mine, I was astounded at how large it was– 5 cubic feet more than the average.  And I consider myself a pretty faithful recycler, et al.  Check your own, and check the ways in which you can reduce it.  Off the bat I’ll tell you– compact flourescent light bulbs.

This comes via Universal’s Green is Universal campaign.  You can access all of their fantastic features and tips at:

In particular check out the resources section.  My favorite tip from the series?  Paying your bills online is an incredible green act.  Especially if you get your bills online, you eliminate the paper of your monthly bills, the paper for checks and envelope, the petroleum to mail the bill and the payment, and you save money via postage.  As the expert said– the only thing you use when paying your bill online is electrons.

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