Welcome back

Today, all new students at Columbia College will participate in the pinning ceremony– a beautiful ceremony that simply welcomes each student into the fold that is 156 years of tradition and education. It’s definitely my favorite moment– inextricably tied with the Ivy Chain ceremony in the spring. Welcome, for the first time, to new students and welcome back to returning students. Monday will be here before we know it.

The following link has given me renewed energy for the new semester. It reminds why I teach what I do– the power of the communication is far-reaching, all consuming, and critical to every thing we hold dear in our lives. I had a student once say, “Why do I have to take a speech class? I mean, everyone knows how to speak, it’s like walking.” Do we really? Do we all really know how to speak? And it’s like walking? Maybe he was right… What happens if you lose the ability to walk? Just like the inability to speak, it is debilitating and life-changing.


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