Photo of the Week, 2 June 2013

I’m not very happy with the Chicago Sun-Times. The home of national treasure Roger Ebert has done the unbelievable, the unthinkable. This week, they laid-off all 28 of their photographers. Let me rephrase that, they fired all of their full-time photo-journalists. Yes, journalists. Those photo-journalists, like Pulitzer Prize-winner John H. White told the news of the nation and world, many times, better than any man or woman could with words. This, on the heels of Melissa Mayer’s comment about professional photographers, sheds light on the dwindling respect and literacy about photography and images, in general. I’m disgusted by the Sun-Times, absolutely disgusted. You’re wrong Chicago Sun-Times to think that you can parse out your photographic needs to freelancers. I’m sure that they are capable of delivering wonderful shots now and then… but it’s not their sole job, or their soul work.

In honor of the souls and works of the photo-journalist:


[Image credit: John H. White]


Photo of the Week, 15 July 2012

It has been just over a year since I decided to try my hand at this Photo of the Week stuff.  I’m happy to say I haven’t missed a week.  In honor of my first year, how else should I celebrate but honor the world’s first photographic upload.  This Wednesday, July 18, will mark the 20th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee, the true founder of the internet (sorry Al Gore), search for a platform that would allow photograph hosting on the web. Add some lab employees at CERN, an elementary version of Photoshop and voila!

Happy Anniversary.

[Image credit: Silvano de Gennaro]


Look Pretty for the Camera

Sometimes you read something and just want to share. Well, at least, I do. This morning it was reading about Yolanda Dominguez‘s photography project Poses. In short, she highlights the absurdity of fashion magazine photographs by having real, everyday women recreate the poses in their real, everyday settings. Genius! For example, when was the last time you, your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, aunts,and neighbors looked like this?

Now, I think it would be great to see a men’s version of this project. Women aren’t the only ones poked, prodded, and preened to look a certain way. Talk about it taking a village to raise a child, it takes a couture village to create fashion models! I haven’t seen many poses like this in my classrooms at C.C.:

For more information about Poses you can read and see more at Bust Magazine.


National Photo Month, 5/17/12 edition

Josef Miles gave his mother, Patty Akrouche, an early Mother’s Day present this past weekend. I think he gave us all something quite precious.

For more about Josef you can read this report from NPR.

[Image credit: Patty Akrouche]


Photo of the Week, 25 March 2012

The case of Trayvon Martin is troubling for so many reasons, first of which is that a 17 year-old who went to the store for tea and Skittles at the half-time of the NBA All-Star Game was shot dead.  We may never know the truth but enough has come out that leads me to believe that it’s a tragedy all the way around.  The news that Trayvon’s hoodie was part of George Zimmerman’s initial suspicion is even more troubling, akin to rape being ’caused’ by a women’s provocative clothing.  From Marion Wright Edelman to the Miami Heat, hoodies are becoming a political statement.