Photo of the Week, 23 February 2014

For many reasons, I’ve been thinking of my travels this past year. When news came that Maria Von Trapp, immortalized in The Sound of Music, had passed away, I immediately started looking through my photos from New England this fall. When I briefly visited the Von Trapp Lodge in Stowe, Vermont I saw some of the most beautiful foliage of my visit. I completely understand why a family would want to live in that location– the views are simply stunning.


[Image credit: Amy L. Darnell]


Photo of the Week, 9 June 2013

Although I’m inclined to post a photo from the Vanishing Georgia collection, given the wonderful discovery of this archive through Melanie Kitchens-O’Meara, I thought I would share a photo of one of the lovely lady slippers here at The Mountain. What a great experience– performing, talking, sharing, and focusing on the unique communicative properties of performance. What a privilege it is to be invited to come to this special place.



Photo of the Week, 2 June 2013

I’m not very happy with the Chicago Sun-Times. The home of national treasure Roger Ebert has done the unbelievable, the unthinkable. This week, they laid-off all 28 of their photographers. Let me rephrase that, they fired all of their full-time photo-journalists. Yes, journalists. Those photo-journalists, like Pulitzer Prize-winner John H. White told the news of the nation and world, many times, better than any man or woman could with words. This, on the heels of Melissa Mayer’s comment about professional photographers, sheds light on the dwindling respect and literacy about photography and images, in general. I’m disgusted by the Sun-Times, absolutely disgusted. You’re wrong Chicago Sun-Times to think that you can parse out your photographic needs to freelancers. I’m sure that they are capable of delivering wonderful shots now and then… but it’s not their sole job, or their soul work.

In honor of the souls and works of the photo-journalist:


[Image credit: John H. White]


Photo of the Week, 12 August 2012

I like to consider myself a pretty good amateur gardener who could’ve been very happy as a botanist. This summer, before the heat and draught abducted my spirit, I happily watched my newest garden additions grow. Heirloom gladiolas named “Boone,” were a delight in my garden. As I often do, I decided to take photos of the newest flowers. I was so pleased with my purchase from Old House Gardens, a company that specializes in heirloom varieties, that I e-mailed them a copy of a photo. Low and behold, they asked to use it in their newsletter. And in their newsletter they said this:
‘Boone’ Rocks Amy’s Garden — and the Cover of Fine Gardening

A huge bouquet of ‘Boone’ glads from our micro-farms was gracing our office work-table when an email arrived reminding us that even one ‘Boone’ can be a thrill. “I just wanted to pass along a photo of my lovely ‘Boone’ gladiolus,” our good customer Amy Darnell of Columbia, Missouri, wrote. “I am so, so glad I bought it!”

Then the very next day the October issue of one of our favorite magazines, Fine Gardening, arrived with a big beautiful clump of ‘Boone’ on the cover! At first we didn’t recognize it because it looks vivid orange in the photo rather than the soft apricot it is in our gardens, but we know how hard it is to get flower colors just right. And although the accompanying article says it’s hardy in zones 8-10 only and will probably need staking — which is usually true of mainstream glads — ‘Boone’ is a hardy perennial here in our zone-6a gardens, and we never stake it. See Amy’s and FG’s photos — and then maybe grab a few for your own garden? As Amy says, you’ll be so, so glad you did.”



Photo of the Week, 15 July 2012

It has been just over a year since I decided to try my hand at this Photo of the Week stuff.  I’m happy to say I haven’t missed a week.  In honor of my first year, how else should I celebrate but honor the world’s first photographic upload.  This Wednesday, July 18, will mark the 20th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee, the true founder of the internet (sorry Al Gore), search for a platform that would allow photograph hosting on the web. Add some lab employees at CERN, an elementary version of Photoshop and voila!

Happy Anniversary.

[Image credit: Silvano de Gennaro]