International Women’s Day, 2015

Oh what to say on this Sunday morning? I could say that I’m tired and worn from the stresses of a career in education. I could say that the spite of strangers can make a person cry. I could say that my time in the Ohio Education Association was much better than the women who had to sign this contract:

I could say, should say, and WILL say that my complaints and stressors could be so much worse. I have money in the bank, the right to vote, and can walk around a house without fear of abuse or violence. On this, International Women’s Day, I will remember and lift up the students who make my life’s vocation a joy, and ignore those who claim the joy that belongs to others. I will do my best to view these latest impediments to my eyes, mind, and heart as mere distractions. Here’s to lessons learned.


Photo of the Week, 19 May 2013

I know that once flowers fade we’re not supposed to find them beautiful, but I must admit I found my first peonies of the spring beautiful, even as they were withering away.  There’s so much life around us in the spring and summertime. But even as the living transitions into decay, there’s still something wonderful about that movement.