Tom Davis, 1952-2012

Two years ago, Columbia College had the honor of bringing Tom Davis, of Franken and Davis, to campus to speak with our students and the community. As the organizer of his visit to C.C., I got to spend a lot of time with Tom and his partner Lindsay. What a kick in the pants he was– so funny, dry and sardonic, sarcastic and cutting in his humorous views of the world. I just loved being around him. News came yesterday that his battle with throat cancer finally ended. I couldn’t help but be sad at the thought of losing such a comic virtuoso, but more so about losing a fun and genuine person. It was such a treat to get to know him, albeit briefly. The afterlife is full of wit now. Rest in peace, Tom.

One of the bits Tom shared with the audience– an SNL classic.


The World’s First (?) Jokes?

It’s easy to forget that the first ‘books’ were clay tablets from Mesopotamia around 4000 B.C.  Or that the first ‘newspapers’ were printed in China 1,200 years ago.  Now, archaeologists seem to have found civilization’s first ‘jokes.’

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George Carlin 1937-2008

Counterculture comic. Obscene. Genius. Fearless.  Wise. Revolutionary.

Seven words to describe the man whose seven words defined an era and continue to impact those of us in the wake of his innovation. George Carlin should be the only one speaking about his own passing.


Saying he’ll be missed seems so lacking…