Photo of the Week, 28 April 2013

Thursday, I went to my mailbox and took a deep, springtime breath of fresh air. It smelled so good and I wondered what it was? Pear tree? Flowers? Two hours later my throat felt like it was made of broken glass. Swallowing was painful and I knew I was in the clutches of an allergy attack. This attack has throttled and beaten me down the past few days. I’ve been ingesting vitamins and herbs in a desperate attempt to unclog my head and lungs as fast as possible. Nutriferon, alfalfa, licorice, echinacea– you name it, I’m trying it. Today, I left my home to go into town– a brave venture that I was sure was going to lead to heavy sweating and fever-breaking. As soon as I opened my door I saw the signs of spring, the lovely signs. I’m excited to see more and more flowers along my congestion-free path in the months ahead. These pansies were a lovely start.


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