Needs for a New Week

There used to be a secret sender of motivational messages on the Columbia College campus. Every so often you would see positive messages peppered across the campus bulletin boards. I haven’t seen any in a long time, so maybe I should start posting good messages to help keep me (and others) on track for the new week.

Always remember, flight is a distinct possibility.


This Week in History

So. Yeah. Today. This week. This century. This life. Wow. This is probably going to be a long post, so you may want to go ahead and skip over this. Some of you will read it and I thank you for giving my thoughts a little bit of your time. In the past week, a Southern, conservative Republican Governor said that the battle flag of the Northern Virginia Army should no longer fly in front of the South Carolina State House. I never imagined that would happen. But sweet hell, it took nine people to be killed after a Bible study for it to happen. ‘Confederate’ flags are being removed from flagpoles and store shelves. Y’all, this is–as my Joey B. would say–a big f*cking deal. And then yesterday? The Supreme Court decreed that the Affordable Care Act wasn’t going anywhere. This directly impacts me and it’s so reassuring. There are so many of you that can breathe easier, literally and figuratively, because of that decision. And then came this morning… I couldn’t help but think of Chance Pennington after learning of the news. Chance was the first openly gay person I actually came to know. There were surely folks I went to school with that were gay, but in the 1980s, they were in the closet. Even at Ohio State, I didn’t know anyone who was out. And then I transferred to the college my parents went to, Morehead State University, and in the hills of eastern Kentucky I met Chance. I’ll never know the struggles he had, but I’m glad l learned so much from his mere presence in my life. It wasn’t until I learned about the drive-thru wedding chapels in Las Vegas that I really started to understand my straight privilege. I can be married in a drive-thru. A drive-thru. How’s that for the sanctity of traditional marriage? Now, anyone can get married in a drive-thru. 😉 My facebook feed has been so colorful today and I’ve cried so many happy tears. At this moment, I believe the world isn’t totally screwed up. You know it won’t last long with me, this positivity. But for now, it’s real. As they sang “It is Well with My Soul” in Charleston today, I know that so many hearts and souls are well and full and happy. “Now we see as in a mirror, in an allegory, but then face-to-face. Now I know partially, but then I shall know as I am known. For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.” (1 Corinthians 12-13) Love is a really big deal.


Photo of the Week, 17 May 2015

Congratulations to the Columbia College Class of 2015!

Summer plans– 2015

Today’s the first day, post-Day Campus grades and I’ve solidified my goals for the summer. On the reading, writing, enjoying front, I want to watch 100 movies and read 15 books. I’d also like to submit 5 items for publication. We’ll start today with Dear White People and Scandals of Classic Hollywood. Wish me luck.

Photo of the Week, 20 April 2015

Twenty years ago today, a bomb went off in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at 9:01 a.m. At 9:03 a.m. the explosion stopped, but the chaos continued for hours, days, weeks, and years. There are so many chairs empty because of that day, empty because of madness.


[Image credit: Amy L. Darnell]

Photo of the Week, 22 March 2015

Sometimes you just need to go out ‘late’ to be entertained. And that’s just what we did.


Glory… Glory.

My iTunes player happened upon this song and I instantly was transported to seeing Selma in the theaters and seeing this award-winning song’s heartbreakingly powerful performance at the Academy Awards. Glory, indeed.

Photo of the Week, 15 March 2015

Here in Columbia, we’re still remembering and hearing the beautiful sounds of You Are My Sunshine. Thank you Terry Galloway and Donna Nudd!


International Women’s Day, 2015

Oh what to say on this Sunday morning? I could say that I’m tired and worn from the stresses of a career in education. I could say that the spite of strangers can make a person cry. I could say that my time in the Ohio Education Association was much better than the women who had to sign this contract:

I could say, should say, and WILL say that my complaints and stressors could be so much worse. I have money in the bank, the right to vote, and can walk around a house without fear of abuse or violence. On this, International Women’s Day, I will remember and lift up the students who make my life’s vocation a joy, and ignore those who claim the joy that belongs to others. I will do my best to view these latest impediments to my eyes, mind, and heart as mere distractions. Here’s to lessons learned.

Counting down to September 7th

185 days until the new season begins!