I love football.  I really do.  As I went to meet a friend to watch the Cincinnati Bengals- Atlanta Falcons game, I wondered if it was wrong that I was excited for the game, given the NFL headlines regarding Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.  The issues at hand go far beyond the field of play and my hope is that eventually, professional football can live up to the aspirations and adulation bestowed upon it by fans.

Here’s to a better future, football.


I sat at my computer unable to find the words to describe my outrage and frustration and sadness and grief over the children who have been fleeing the terror of their home countries to enter the United States. I have been sickened and disgusted by the rabid extremists who shout at vehicles containing these children, holding up signs that urge Americans ‘not to get diseases’ from these helpless children. Again, I find myself sighing, not knowing what to say. I cannot imagine anyone with reason or empathy viewing children like the little boy below as any kind of threat to ‘Merica.